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A Powerful New Kitchen Revolution

A new level of perfection, kitchens with powerful precision and oozing class. Scott & Grey are here to allow you to explore the ultimate cooking space and create the German Rigid Kitchen of your dream.

It's time to embrace a modern revolution, a kitchen with its own attitude. Our kitchens are designed to take advantage of every piece of modern tech, crafted with irresistible precision and carefully considered to combine a social space with a passion for cooking.

From smooth blacks and crisp whites, through to vibrant highlight colours our team of creative kitchen designers are on hand to help you find a new incarnation of luxury kitchen spaces.

We think its time for you to step out, be bold, and join the new German Rigid kitchen revolution. Visit Scotlands premier showroom in Edinburgh today.


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Scott and Grey Kitchens - Highlights



A Team with Unrivalled Expertise

Highlighting the latest finishes available and cutting edge kitchen appliances. Our team of imaginative kitchen designers are on hand to pair only the most stylish of accessories to envisage the finished cooking space which can be transposed to your home.

Our NEW showroom is more than just a cooking space, itís a must see new experience, our state of the art showrooms are designed to demonstrate the finer details in the ultimate kitchen, from simple organisation through to tactile elements all partnered together to reach new heights of style and luxury.


Scott and Grey Kitchens - Lynsay

Lynsay deery

I have been working at Richard f Mackay for almost 12 years now and 8 years exclusively as the senior kitchen designer. I have a background in design with a degree in design and applied arts

My favourite part of the job is meeting someone different every day and giving them each there own dream kitchen, seeing a project through to completion and a happy client is great job satisfaction.

I believe with my female input, attention to detail and my design skills there is no one better to design you the dream kitchen.

Scott and Grey Kitchens - Danny

Danny Brown

With over 22 years in the Kitchen industry , I am one of the most experienced Kitchen designers in Scotland.

In my two decades I have held Many rolls from designer to senior sales and management. I have a keen eye for whatís trending .

On a personal side I am a family man throughout and enjoy my free time with my 4 children.

In short investing your time with me will mean youíre investing in experience


A Confident Statement

A kitchen from Scott & Grey is a confident statement from the very beginning. Our kitchen designers have the ability to transform your space, making the impossible, possible.

From crisp clean lines and stunning luxury materials, our team craft a stunning concept for your space. Adding modern flair and incorporating modern technology comes naturally, fusing function with style. Our design team have the knowledge to skilfully envisage clearly structured spaces, with smooth uncomplicated finishes. Industrial chic is a powerful modern look, reserved for only the most daring of kitchen connoisseurs.

Industrial textures are key to creating the perfect aura within a living space. The addition of urban concrete and powerful rust provide stunning contrasts usually reserved for art and design. When combined with a kitchen these finishes can enhance the thrill and joy within the space, creating an almost unreal elegance.


Scott and Grey Kitchens - Detail


Refined, Modern, Captivating

A full team is on hand the craft your perfect space. Manager, Designer, Manufacturer, Fitter.

All on hand to achieve the most accurate space for your kitchen. From initial meeting and inspiration through to fitting our team spend hours to ensure nothing but a world-class level of finished product.

We provide the right inspiration from our first meeting ensuring that once you begin planning you have a clear vision for your unique creation. Our specialist kitchen designs are on hand to make your vision a reality. Using nothing but the finest materials and modern technology our designers will help you to make inspired and informed decisions, leading to meticulous levels of detail to every element within your kitchen.

Our manufacturing and fitting teams have years of experience crafting nothing but the finest immaculate kitchens. The level of detail carries through our fitting team ensuring that the final product is every bit as incredible as the initial planning stages. An exqusite unique finish is our aim, ensuring the space is awe inspiring and truly captivates anyone who enters.


Scott and Grey Kitchens - Hob


Crafted For Modern Life

Modern technology is the key to exquisite functionality. Our team are on hand to advise the correct specification of appliances and technology to create the ultimate space. When selecting the right equipment we ensure no compromises are made.

Only the finest brands are chosen and used, by pre-selecting a range of trusted suppliers we are ensuring that appliances are designed to enhance everyday life.


Scott and Grey Kitchens



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