Stressless™ is part of a long and honourable story, which started forty years ago. The first recliner left our assembly line in 1971 and while we've been producing the world's finest recliners, we've also been thinking and rethinking the whole concept of comfort. Over the past 40 years, every new Stressless™ has pushed boundaries and pioneered what is known as ultimate comfort.

Style and good looks are significant too, but essentially it's all about how wonderful your body feels when you are seated. That's why we, some twenty years ago, introduced Stressless™ sofas. This way friends and family could share the comfort, and the Stressless™ collection could grow even bigger and stronger.

In our quest to make the ultimate seat, we've invented new technology such as the Plus™ System and the Stressless™ Glide System to our patented headrest and our newest innovative feature, Comfort Zones™. All these unique features are there for one reason; to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Ultimately, the only way to fully appreciate the difference they make is to try one for yourself. Then you'll agree that comfort starts and ends with the word Stressless™.

Ekornes Stressless - the inovators of comfort


Buckingham Sofa

Windsor Sofas

Arion Home Cinema

Ambassador Chair and Stool

Arion Recliner Chairs

Arion Sofas in Chilli Red

Arion Sofas

Arion Chairs

Arion Chairs

Buckingham Sofa in Cori Beige

Buckingham Sofa - Mayfair Chair in Cori Beige

City High Back Chair and Stool

City Low Back Chairs

City High Back Chair and Stool

City Recliner Chair in Paloma Taupe

Computer Table

Consul Chair and Footstool

Corner Table

Crown Recliner Chair in Batick Mole

Crown Recliner Chair

Diplomat Chair and Stool

Dream Recliner Chair

Duo Sofa Table

Duo Sofa Table and Ottomans

E200 Sofa and Jazz Chair

E200 Sofa and Metro Chair

E200 Sofa

E300 Sofas

E300 Sofas

E300 Sofa

E40 Sofas

E40 Sofas and Spirit Chair

Eagle Chair and Stool

Easy Armrest Table

Eldorado Sofas and Chair

Jazz Office Chair

Legend Sofa and Magic Chair

Legend Sofa and Magic Chair

Legend Sofas and Magic Chair in Cori Passion Natural

Legend Sofa

Liberty Sofa

Liberty Sofas and Voyager Chair

Magic Recliner Chair

Magic Recliner Chair

Magic Office Chair

Magic Recliner Chair

Manhattan Sofas

Manhattan Sofa

Manhattan 2 Seater Sofa

Manhattan 3 Seater Sofa

Mayfair Office Chair

Metro Chairs

Metro Chairs

Metro Recliner Chairs in Paloma Chocolate

Metropolitan Sofas and Skyline Chair in Batick Snow

Metropolitan Sofa - Metro Chairs

Nordic Chairs in Batick Cream

Oslo Sofa - Reno Recliner Chair - Sand

Panorama Sofa - View Recliner Chair - Cori Beige

Paradise Sofas and Dream Recliner Chair - Batick Grey

Paradise Sofas and Dream Chair

Pegasus Table

Reno Recliner Chair in Cori Brown

Skyline Recliner Chair in Batick Snow

Skyline Recliner Chair in Batick Snow

Sunrise Recliner Chair and Stool

Sunrise Recliner Chair in Black

Swing Table

Tampa Chair and Stool

Tampa Reno Vegas Recliner Chairs

Urban Large Table

Urban Small Table

Vegas Collection

View Recliner Chair in Cori Beige

View Recliner Chair in Cori Beige

Wave Sofa

Wave Sofa and Chairs in Paloma Black - Steel Legs

Wave Sofas

Windsor Sofas and Mayfair Chair in Paloma White Grey

Wing Chair and Stool

Windsor 2 Seater Sofa
Ends: 31/10/2017
Was: £5198
Now: £2924

Eldorado 3 Seater and 2 Seater Leather Suite
Ends: 31/10/2017
Was: £7995
Now: £4495


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