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Making an ercol Evergreen chair

The Evergreen chair is the height of the Chairmaker's art. The back bow is a complex bend, made in three axes from a single piece of straight timber, hand bent by two craftsmen. This is then combined with the skills of windsor chair making to provide a beautiful frame which is then upholstered in supportive and comfortable cushions to provide the ercol Evergreen Easy Chair and Sofa.

About Us

In 1920 a young designer called Lucian Ercolani started his own business in High Wycombe, the chairmaking capital of England. Here he perfected the technique of steam-bending wood in large quantities to form the famous Windsor Bow, and discovered how to 'tame' elm; a beautifully grained hardwood other furniture makers considered impossible to work with.

Design and people were the cornerstones of his company. This remains true of the family owned private company that continues his beliefs in the 21st century.

Our passion for innovation in design and manufacturing is as strong today as it was then. The Ercol factory combines the very latest technology with time-honoured craftsmanship to create a range of unique pieces.

ercol is proud to be a Brit ish brand which can bring its qualit ies of integrity, design, fitness for purpose and value at all levels to the widest possible audience.



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